Friday, June 8, 2007

Question 61

Which of the following is a correct statement concerning IPv6?

a) To show that IPv6 packets will be encapsulated in IPv4, the IPv6 protocol identifier is specified as the payload type.
b) The IP address size is expanded to 128 bits and a checksum is used for detecting errors in header information.
c) The header information has nothing equivalent to TTL (time to live) supported by IPv4, and there are no limits to the number of gateways through which data pass.
d) The adjacent node’s address is used as the loop back address, and it can be used for identifying a problem in case of an error.


Question 62

Which of the following protocols, as a higher level protocol of IP, supports connectionless datagram communication without the functions for increasing reliability such as acknowledgement or order control.

b) PPP
c) TCP
d) UDP


Question 63

Which of the following protocols is used for transmitting e-mails between mail servers on the Internet?

b) POP


Question 64

Of the following statements concerning network switching systems, which statement applies to the frame relay method?

a) 53-byte fixed-length frames are used.
b) Variable-length frames are used and transmission error control within the network is simplified.
c) A store-and-forward system performs transmission error control including retrasmission between exchanges within the network.
d) When terminals are connected using the frame relay protocol, they can communicate using protocols other than the frame relay protocol.


Question 65

In a system with the network configuration show below, the same size message data was sent and received between the host computer and two terminals. The turnaround time required for sending and receiving data between the host computer and terminal A was 450 milliseconds, and 700 milliseconds for terminal B. When the size of upload and download messages and the processing time required by the host computer for both terminals A and B is the same, how many milliseconds does it take for one-way transmission from terminal B to the host computer? Here, the turnaround time means the period of time beginning when the terminal starts sending data online and ending when the response data has been completely received by the terminal. The transmission time depends only on the line speed.

a) 100
b) 150
c) 200
d) 250


Question 66

Which of the following is a correct statement concerning 100BASE-T?

a) The same CSMA/CD media access method as 10BASE-T is used.
b) Only four pairs of STP cables are available as media. UTP cables cannot be used.
c) The same Manchester Coding Method as 10BASE-T is used as the encoding method.
d) The frame structure and the error detection system are different from those 10BASE-T.


Question 67

Of the following statements concerning wiring types for connecting nodes (control units, terminals, etc.) on a LAN, which statement describes bus-type wiring?

a) All nodes are connected to a cable forming a ring.
b) All nodes are connected to the controlling node located at the center.
c) Several nodes are connected to the center node. Other nodes are further connected to each of the nodes, which is connected to the center node.
d) All nodes are connected to a single cable such as a coaxial cable.


Question 68

Which of the following is a correct statement concerning the NAT function of a router for connecting to the internet?

a) This function allows a fast display of the contents of a Web server whose IP address was stored in a cache when it was accessed previously.
b) This function detects specific bit patterns from IP packets during transmission.
c) This function allows only IP packets to be sent to specific terminals to pass.
d) This function performs two-way conversion between the private IP address and the global IP address.


Question 69

The chart below shows the output from of a transaction detail report by sales office and by customer. Of the related database tables obtained by this form, which table is in third normal form? Here, trasaction numbers are serial numbers by customer and discounts are calculated by multiplying the discount rate by product and the unit price.

a) Customer (Customer_number, Customer_name, Customer_business_category_code, Business-category_name)
b) Product (Product_code, Product_name, Unit_price, Discount_rate)
c) Transaction (Custome_number, Total_amount, Total_discount, Consumption_tax, Same-day_transaction_amount)
d) Transaction details (Transaction_number, Product_code, Qty, Amount)


Question 70

The following data model was created as part of a library reservation system. Which of the statements below is correct? Here, a pair of 1 and an asterisk shows the one-to-many cardinality and the underlined attributes in the table are primary keys.

[Data Model of Reservation System]

User (User_ID, User_ name, Address)
Reservation (User_ID, Book_title_ID, Reservation_date)
Book_title (Book_title_ID, Category_code, Book_name, Author)
Book-stocked (Book_stock_ID, Book_title_ID, Purchase_date, Lending_count)

a) The cardinality between the book_title entity and the book_stocked entity is opposite.
b) It is redundant to categorize the book_title entity and the book_stocked entity separately.
c) The book_title entity is an abstract entity without a physical entity.
d) The book stocked to be lent out can be decided at the time of reservation.