Sunday, June 3, 2007

Question 27

Function Description
aPerforms I/O device-dependent processing, is provided for each type of

the device, and controls one or more devices. If a read or write I/O

request occurs, that device is directly operated and managed.
b A dedicated process handles I/O operations for which speed is not so

necessary, such as file output to a printer, or file transfer over the serial

line, allowing I/O operations and program execution to be performed in

cPerformance is improved by increasing the parallel operations for program

I/O and processing. To accomplish this, several regions are allocated in

main memory to perform I/O, and these memory regions are shared by

several programs.


Device driverBuffer pool
b) Spooling Buffer pool Device driver
c) Device driver Spooling Buffer pool
d) Device driverBuffer pool Spooling


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