Thursday, June 7, 2007

Question 47

Which of the following is suitable as a description of techniques used in the definition of requirements, analysis, and design of software?

a) A decision table represents logics in a tabular form showing correspondences between conditions and actions. It is effective as a means of describing requirements specifications involving complex condition judgments. It is also effective for checking, such as checking for the omission of program control conditions.
b) A structured chart can be used to express, in an easily understandable manner, the relationships between system “state” types and the “factors” for state transitions.
c) A state transition diagram can be used to express processing modes particular to a control system by adding control transfers and control flows to a DFD.
d) A control flowchart uses as basic elements data “source, sink, flow, process, and store”. It can be used to express a network of data flows within a system.


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