Friday, June 8, 2007

Question 79

The framework for building a security management system specified in BS 7799-2 consists of steps through below. What is the correct order of these steps?

maru1.png Select and/or add management objectives and management measures to be implemented.
maru2.png Determine the scope of the information security management system.
maru3.png Create an implementation declaration.
maru4.png Define security policies.
maru5.png Conduct a risk assessment.
maru6.pngManage risks

a) maru3.pngmaru4.pngmaru2.pngmaru6.pngmaru5.pngmaru1.png
b) maru3.pngmaru4.pngmaru5.pngmaru6.pngmaru1.pngmaru2.png
c) maru4.pngmaru2.pngmaru1.pngmaru6.pngmaru5.pngmaru3.png
d) maru4.pngmaru2.pngmaru5.pngmaru6.pngmaru1.pngmaru3.png


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